• GENESIS MANNEQUINS, Showroom Germany (Auetal)
  • Sandtler GmbH, Showroom (Bochum) - Motor sports equipment for more than 60 years
  • Koe-Bogen Dusseldorf: directional system in the entry hall, projected with recessed LED projectors
  • EA SPORTS Bar, Cologne: Projecting the logo using a PHOS mini LED projector
  • Castle Ludinghausen: Avoiding light pollution through a crisp, matching projection
  • Ruhrmuseum Essen: Projecting the logo in a former coal bunker
  • Ruhrlights 2010: "Twilight Zone" in Hattingen by installation artist Andreas M. Kaufmann
  • red dot design award 2010: Projecting site workers at the exhibition of the Hilti design team
  • Motorcar museum Nuerburgring: Exhibition of the RWE AG about the electronic car
  • Projecting Christmas motifs onto the historic walls of Gelsenkirchen city
  • Pharmacy in the Rhine Ruhr Centre: Fascinating light projection at close range with mini projector GoboTop
  • Electronic Arts business lounge at the Games.com 2009
  • Artwork by installation artist Andreas M. Kaufmann at the DKV headquarter, Cologne

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Abschied von Joachim M. Derksen

Our company founder and longtime CEO Joachim Derksen passed away on April 7, 2016. We will say goodbye to a great man who created this company with his restless dedication and visions, which he regarded as his life's work.