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Dichroic glass colour filters stand out because of their high colour content and brilliance. A palette of fifteen standard filters is available to give your motif whichever colours you desire. If special colours are needed, (in something like your corporate design for instance,) we can cater to your wish by either layering and mixing colour filters or in the case of large orders by producing a new filter according to the customers specifications.


01 yellow 02 warm yellow 03 orange

Yellow, ca. Pantone Process Yellow C


Warm Yellow, ca. Pantone 137 C


Orange, ca. Pantone 151 C


04 warm red 05 pink 06 warm pink

Warm Red, ca. Pantone 485 C


Pink, ca. Pantone 225 C


Warm Pink, ca. Pantone 237 C


07 magenta 08 violet 09 medium blue

Magenta, ca. Pantone Process Magenta C


Violet, ca. Pantone 254 C


Medium Blue, ca. Pantone 300 C


10 light blue 11 green-blue 12 cool green

Light Blue, ca. Pantone Process Cyan C


Blue-Green, ca. Pantone 321 C


Cool Green, ca. Pantone 3288 C


13 warm green    

Warm Green, ca. Pantone 368 C






All colour details rely on a projection using a 5500° Kelvin light source onto a neutral white back-drop and please note that every colour reproduced on screen is individual. Slight colour variations on this page are technically caused and can't be avoided.