Gunpowder Walk

Gunpowder Walk

Project Details

11. November 2020
Enlightening Australia Pty Ltd
Melbourne Quarter, Australia

Project Description

Named after the structure built by the colonial government in 1846 to safely store gunpowder on the north-west side of Batman’s Hill, Gunpowder Walk in Melbourne is a new laneway nestled between 1MQ and 2MQ (Melbourne Quarter). This laneway has been designed primarily as a pedestrian-only zone with outdoor café seating spilling onto the sidewalk. It also features a generous staircase and public lift that links Aurora Lane with Public Square. The vision is that it will become a key thoroughfare during the day, with big potential for after-hours events too — think, retail, art, and vibrant laneway activations.

The gobo design was multi coloured and the client wanted each gobo to maintain a specific directional orientation. Also, they wanted all projections to be the same size on the ground. As the projection distances varied with each projector, and the angle of projection also varied from projector to projector, a significant technical task was created for the Derksen team. However, as the photos show, it was done perfectly.

Projection Systems: 5 x PHOS 85 outdoor, with DALI-control