Light Art for Niceshops

Light Art for Niceshops

Project Details

15. January 2021
niceshops GmbH
Saaz 99
A 8341 Paldau

Project Description

Niceshops GmbH is a very successful Austrian developer of online shops in 12 European languages and various product segments. Annually, more than 960,000 parcels are handled via the company’s own warehouse in Feldbach and distributed throughout Europe. In addition to this remarkable performance, an integral part of the corporate culture is sustainability and art.

In order to underline the artistic aspirations of the company, it was decided in March 2019 to decorate the company’s own building facades with individual and seasonally changing motifs. The decision was made to use a projection system based on high-performance LED outdoor projectors so that sustainability was not neglected.
Since the end of 2019, Derksen Lichttechnik GmbH has been producing the gobos required for the project, thus putting the Niceshops building in the perfect light. At the end of 2020, the company switched the hardware to the much smaller (and therefore much more economical) and equally powerful PHOS 85 outdoor projectors with pole mounts, so that the entire location in Paldau will shine in eye-catching artistic projections.

Ingo Kaulbach

G√ľnther Linshalm

Projection systems:
5 x PHOS 85s pole mount