Projected invitation: the Mei-Wei restaurant

Project Details

15. September 2020
Star Group, Treasury Casino
Top of Queen St Mall
Treasury Casino Building
(Ground Floor George Street Corner)
Brisbane QLD 4000

Project Description

The Mei-Wei is a new Chinese restaurant in the basement of Treasury Casino, Brisbane. The entrance is on George Street, on one side of the Casino, which is less frequented. As the restaurant is largely hidden in the basement, a special hint to the entrance is required.
The projector, a PHOS 45s pole mount, is mounted on the pole of a street lamp and electrically connected to it: When dusk falls, the projection is switched on with the street lighting. The challenge was to project a straight rectangle despite the oblique projection angle (keystone correction). The light colour of the projection was corrected to 3,000 kelvins using a filter in order to match the street lighting.

Photos: Sally Taylor, Brisbane, Australia