Roman History, Illustrated with Light

Roman History, Illustrated with Light

Project Details

9. April 2008
Siegfriedstraße 39
46509 Xanten

Project Description

The New Roman Museum in Xanten

The new Roman Museum, part of the archaeological park Xanten was opened on the 16 August, 2008. The complex is a combination of an archaeological protective building and a Museum, including overall 1900 square metres of exhibition space. The Museum was raised on the foundation walls of the tremendous entry hall of an ancient Roman bathhouse. Form and dimensions of the new museum correspond approximately to the monumental entry hall with a height of 25 metres, which was probably one of the largest buildings in the Roman colony.

The exhibition is supported in terms of content and design by graphic light arrangements. The historical context is illustrated with projections that quote text and symbols. In the upper part of the exhibition you find the spectacular image of a projected Christian cross. The cross seems to hover above the floor like a mystical vision. It suggests that this part of the exhibition should be considered in the context of change and Christianization of the Roman Empire.

Landschaftsverband Rheinland
Gatermann + Schossig, Cologne
Exhibition Design:
Atelier Brueckner, Stuttgart
Lighting Design:
Kress & Adams, Cologne