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Light Projections in a Modern Ambience


In the newly opened Dusseldorf me and all hotel, projected graphics draw attention to the exclusive gastronomic offer.
With their urban, casual and informal flair, the me and all hotels appeal to city tourists and business travelers who want to combine life, work and communication with living comfort. Fine bamboo wood as a wall cover, dark cubes made of solid wood, which serve as comfortable armchairs and airy and light paper lamps on the ceiling – at the first me and all hotel in Dusseldorf the guests immerse in a charming and cozy ambience, interrupted by surprising eye catchers and spacious areas to work and relax. The light projections of German manufacturer Derksen Lichttechnik fit harmoniously into this high-quality interior design without drifting into kitschy cliché. The projected graphics draw attention to the lounge “11” on the top floor.


me and all hotel
Immermannstrasse 23
40210 Dusseldorf

Markus Lueck, Frank Brauer

Lindner Hotels AG

Projection Systems:
3 x PHOS 65 indoor
1 x PHOS 65 downlight
1 x GL 40 LED with Circular Motion Mirror

Sacred Illumination


Lighting installation at an early Christian baptistery

The internationally renowned lighting artist Mischa Kubal was entrusted with the illuminaton of the Baptistery located east of Cologne Cathedral. The remains of an early Christian font are from the fifth century and are the oldest building of Christian tradition in the city. The impressive ecclesiastical room around the Baptistery was designed by the Munich architects Allmann, Sattler, Wappner. To the east, a spacious panorama window offers a view of this historic site and Kubal's work. The lighting installation runs in three successive scenes. These consist of shadows and reflections from a central, rotating mirror ball. The projected forms refer to the original Christian symbols alpha and omega as well as the octagonal form of the baptismal basin. The Baptistery is staged as a particular, sacred place, visible at all times from the new eastern bypass road of Cologne Cathedral.


Cologne Cathedral, east side

Dombauhütte Cologne

Art Director:
Prof. Mischa Kubal

Technical Implementation:
Erik Denneborg,

Projection Systems:
2 x GL 80 LED with DMX (interior, mirror ball)
4 x PHOS 20 outdoor (casting light outdoors)

Frank Brauer, Markus Lück

Christian Messages


Projections around the Cologne Cathedral to the Year of the Holy Door
In 2016 the Archbishop of Cologne followed the call of the Pope to realise that world-wide Holy Year of Mercy. To this end, the Marienportal, the main entrance of the Cologne Cathedral, was solemnly opened as The Holy Door. On the way across the square, the faithful are accompanied by light projections in the evenings, which draw attention to the Holy Door in many languages. In the northern side of the cathedral visitors are received with the words "Christ sits in the refugee boat". The light message draws attention to a special exhibit: the seven-meter-long refugee boat brought by Cardinal Woelki. On the fate of the refugees and the role of the boat informs an additional video installation.


Cologne Cathedral

Markus Lück, Frank Brauer,
by courtesy of Dombauhütte Köln

Archbishopric of Cologne

Technical Implementation:
RheinEnergie Köln

Projektion Systems:
2 x PHOS 45 outdoor
1 x PHOS 45 indoor