Sustainable projection systems

Derksen Lichttechnik develops and produces reliable, durable products in Germany under fair and sustainable conditions. With the support of our suppliers, employees and customers, we endeavour to continuously improve our responsible use of resources – for a peaceful, secure future for generations to come!

Responsible production

  • Use of renewable energy (photovoltaics) and geothermal energy at the production and administration site in Gelsenkirchen.
  • A charging station for electric vehicles is powered by electricity from the company’s own photovoltaic system.
  • Photovoltaic system output: 99,330 kWp
    Annual production: ca. 83,139 kWh (837 kWh/kWp)
    CO2 avoidance: approx. 58.2 tonnes per year

Developed and manufactured in Germany

  • Working conditions according to German standards
  • Fair wages and salaries
  • Competent service and expert advice directly from the manufacturer
  • Short shipping routes

Energy-efficient product design

  • Bright, focused illumination with low power consumption. Light is only projected where it is really needed.
  • The systems’ low heat generation saves energy in air conditioning rooms.

Prevention of light pollution

  • Non-directional outdoor lighting illuminates the night sky and impacts the habitats of many insect and bird species. With projection systems from Derksen, it is possible to direct light specifically onto surfaces or parts of buildings without illuminating the environment. This saves energy and contributes to the preservation of biodiversity.

Developed and produced for a long life

  • With a daily use of 12 hours, it takes more than 8 years for the light output of the LEDs to drop to 70% of the initial value (L70).
  • Low-maintenance design. Depending on the operating conditions, service is rarely required. This saves costs and resources.
  • LEDs can be replaced by the manufacturer at the end of their service life.
  • Guaranteed supply of spare parts.

Recycling of raw materials

  • Environmentally friendly disposal directly by the manufacturer. At the end of its product life, Derksen recycles products free of charge (in accordance with the WEEE directive).
  • Aluminium as the main material can be fully recycled.
  • All electronic components are tested for harmful substances (RoHS, REACH conformity), internationally certified and sourced from renowned suppliers.