Glass Gobos from Derksen

Projection motifs with simple patterns are made of sheet metal – glass gobos, on the other hand, are suitable for displaying more elaborate or even coloured graphics. With metal gobos, free standing areas must be connected to the gobo via bridges, for example the interior of the letter “O”. A glass gobo sets hardly any limits to creativity: Logos, graphics or texts can be projected in high optical quality. Even photographs can be transferred to a glass gobo using CMYK-screening. Glass gobos are colour stable in continuous professional use, where conventional slides or foils fade after a short time.

24-hour service

If we receive your digital artwork file that meets our requirements (vector data or pixel data) by 12.00 noon, the glass gobo can be sent the same day.

Inexpensive reorders

Your orders are archived for at least 5 years and you always pay the much lower duplicate price for follow-up orders.