Project Your Ideas

Derksen Lichttechnik proves impressively that the beam of a spotlight doesn´t have to be shapeless and plain. The company from Gelsenkirchen develops innovative gobo projectors for the Point of Sale, for museums and significant architecture projects since more than 30 years. Development and production in highest quality standards happen in Gelsenkirchen without exception.

Communication Through Light

Derksen means communication through light. Texts, graphics, brand logos and photo-realistic images can be projected on every appropriate surface with Derksen gobo projectors. The spectrum of our projection systems ranges from compact indoor projectors to powerful and weatherproof outdoor systems. Consultation and service all around your individual needs are matter of course. Just ask us!

Safety TechnologyProjection systems for warnings and markings in industrial production and logistics contribute to safety. Virtual safety signs do not wear out and can be switched depending on the situation.
Product DevelopmentOur team of experts develops solutions for individual tasks. Derksen Lichttechnik cooperates successfully with numerous major manufacturers in product development and production.
PHOS 200 Goboprojektor mit schwarzem Gehäuse.

PHOS 200

Ultimate performance
for indoors and outdoors


PHOS indoor, LED Projektor für Gobos von Derksen Lichttechnik

PHOS indoor

Compact projection systems
for interiors


PHOS LT, LED Projektor für Stromschienen von Derksen Lichttechnik


LED projectors for lighting tracks,
flexible in use


PHOS downlight, Goboprojektor für den Einbau in Zwischendecken, von Derksen Lichttechnik

PHOS downlight

A powerful projector, simply hidden
in the false ceiling!


PHOS outdoor pro, LED Projektor für Gobos von Derksen Lichttechnik

PHOS outdoor

Weatherproof devices for projections
on facades or footpaths