Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum

Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum

Project Details

24. June 2015
Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum
Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum
F├╝rstenallee 7
33102 Paderborn

Project Description

A Journey Through The History of Information Technology

The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn is the largest computer museum in the world. It shows with unique exhibits the development from cuneiform inscription to the Internet. The museum is dedicated to Heinz Nixdorf (1925-1986), the computer pioneer and founder of Nixdorf Computer AG. With his vision and social commitment he was one of Germany’s most successful entrepreneurs.

The MuseumsForum stages the cultural and scientific-technological history of information technology as a journey through time over five millennia, from the origins of writing to the media society of the 21st century. The aim is to give people orientation and education. The exhibition extends chronologically, ascending over three floors. At 22 specific “Points of Interest”┬á a two-coloured signage is projected by PHOS LED projectors from lighting specialist Derksen. In the center of the projected message stands a QR Code (Quick Response), which allows visitors to immediately download information about this section to their smartphones or tablets. This application is full of wit: visitors discover and practice modern information technology intuitively. Educational contents become an experience.

Tests have shown that the projected QR codes on the floor are scanned correctly even when the Smartphone is directed at an acute angle relative to the ground. The light projections show on the different floorings a particular “floating” aesthetic and additionaly have the major practical advantage of not wearing out or becoming dirty – compared to stickers.

Media and Event Technology:
Dipl.-Ing. Reinhardt Hardtke

installed projection systems:
22 x Derksen PHOS 20