The History of Styria, Illustrated With Light

The History of Styria, Illustrated With Light

Project Details

17. June 2021
Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH
Mariahilferstraße 2-4
A-8020 Graz

Project Description

‘SHOWING STYRIA’ presents today’s state in the middle of Austria from many perspectives, as part of Europe and the world. The exhibitions take place in various locations: in the History Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Kunsthaus Graz and in a mobile pavilion. ‘SHOWING STYRIA’ is a concerted effort by various institutions as well as internal and external scholars and artists.

The exhibition ‘how it was’ in the History Museum deals with the natural conditions of the Styrian regions and their development, settlement and transformation by man. The tour through a ‘black box’ consists of a series of closed wooden rooms integrated into the historical museum building. Models, original objects, interviews and maps interweave time and space to create a multifaceted experience. Light projections of virtual maps and plans on the floor connect the exhibition rooms and objects into a visual unity. The projections provide additional information on the geographical context. They offer a special experience for the visitors, who repeatedly interrupt the light beams on their tour and experience their own shadows as part of the exhibition.

16 x PHOS 45 LT
9 x Wide Angle Lens 45 mm
16 x Color Correction Filter 3000K
16 x Gobos B&W (according to exact customer specifications)

Exihibiton Design:
Grazbachgasse 65a
8010 Graz

Distribution for Austria:
Projektionstechnik Drechsler
Schottenring 14/Ebene 2
A-1010 Wien

© Exhibition views of the History Museum Graz, ‘how it was’, Nikola Milatovic/UMJM