PHOS 15 indoor

Compact LED projector with great effect

  • Output power: 15 W
  • Luminous flux of the projector: 720 lumens
  • Projection lens: 85 mm standard, not exchangeable
  • LED service life (L70): 35,000 hours
  • Cooling: passive – 0 dBA
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 212 x 222 x 169 mm


PHOS 15 indoor is a compact LED projector with a big impact. The smallest system in our product range is suitable for dry indoor environments and can optionally be mounted on tabletops, shelves, ceilings or walls. The compact size makes it easy to install PHOS 15 indoor without attracting attention and project a surprising outcome. Its performance will convince you, because the light of the 15 watts LED is focused by a special lens. Possible locations include bars, lounges, shop windows or rack structures. The projection motif (gobo) can be changed without tools.

Image Size & Brightness

Projection Calculator PHOS 15 Series

Please note: The results shown are approximate values. In reality the results may differ slightly. The calculation applies under the following conditions:

  • The projection motif is circular and fills the image area of the gobo. Other shapes and objects, e.g. rectangles or fonts, are fitted into this maximum projection area.
  • The projection is at right angles to the projection surface.
  • The projection surface is a plane.
  • The distance is measured between lens and projection surface.


Documents for download

Technical Specifications PHOS 15 indoor

Instruction manual PHOS 15 indoor