PHOS 85 downlight compact

Compact LED projector with great effect

  • Output power: 80W
  • Luminous flux of the projector: 4,730 lumens
  • Projection lens: 85 mm Standard
  • LED service life (L70): 35,000 hours
  • Cooling: active – 27 dBA
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 x 257 x 150 mm
    5.9″ x 10.1″ x 5.9″
  • NEW! Expected to be available from August 2023


PHOS 85 downlight compact is a particularly small projector that can be installed almost invisibly in a false ceiling with a built-in diameter of only 130 mm. Setting up and focusing the projection is particularly quick thanks to the new magnetic mount and the rotating focus. PHOS 85 downlight compact is equipped with the latest LED technology and is cooled with a fan. The LED driver is supplied with the projector and is placed in the false ceiling. The projection motif (gobo) can be changed without tools.

PHOS downlightPHOS downlight compact
Gobo-Projektor für den Einbau in die Decke - weißGobo-Projektor für den Einbau in die Decke - weiß
adjustable inclination:-15° – +15°not available
compatible lenses:wide angle 45 mm
wide angle 63 mm
standard 85 mm
telephoto 135 mm
standard 85 mm
deflecting mirror for projection onto walls:optionally availablenot available
installation diameter:Ø 224 mmØ 130 mm
ceiling opening:large, exposedsmall, closed
projector head:appears from the openingis integrated in the ceiling
focusing:shifting the lensrotating the lens, with one hand

Documents for Download

Documents for Download

Technical Specifications PHOS 85 downlight compact

Information for Use PHOS 25–85 downlight compact