Nammos Village

Nammos Village

Project Details

8. September 2023
Nammos Village

Project Description

Nammos Village in Mykonos, one of the most famous and visited vacation islands in Greece, is directly adjacent to the renowned Nammos Beach Club. Nammos Village offers its visitors, who include celebrities from around the world, an exceptional shopping experience with a focus on beach fashion and haute couture. Numerous international luxury brands are represented with their own stores.

The lighting concept by IFI Lighting highlights the architecture and transforms the Village into a tourist attraction in the evening. The main street of the complex runs from north to south. The lighting consists of recessed lines in a mostly random pattern to create a strong visual identity. Along the main street, different lighting solutions create interesting places, some of which invite people to relax and others to shop. Detailed solutions create personal experience spaces, for example with dreamy drawings and mythological motifs, which are displayed on paths and squares with Derksen projection systems.

Nammos Village
Psarou Beach
84600 Mykonos, Greece

Lighting Design:
IFI Lighting

Area Architects

Greenways Landscape Architecture

Yannis Kontos