Markus Brenner – Orbiter

Markus Brenner – Orbiter
Markus Brenner – Orbiter
Markus Brenner – Orbiter
Markus Brenner – Orbiter
Markus Brenner – Orbiter

Project Details

20. January 2023
Engen, New Town Hall
Hohenstoffelstraße 3a
78234 Engen

Project Description

Next to the new town hall of Engen, a small town not far from Lake Constance, a concrete object has been constructed that, with its edgeless, round architecture, resembles a spaceship. Entitled “Orbiter”, it is the new work of Markus Brenner. The media artist from Constance is known for his illuminated outdoor installations and also uses light projections for “Orbiter”, which change the surface of the object in the dark. “Orbiter” has a diameter of five metres and was cast in Belgium from special concrete with a large amount of marble dust. The matt white surface is a popular place to rest and sit on in daylight – but it is only when it gets dark that the artwork unfolds its full effect.

From the canopy of the town hall, the object is illuminated by a PHOS projector. The projected motif, made of durable, heat-resistant glass, was customised to the shape of the object by an optical measuring process. “Orbiter” transforms from a sculpture into a cosmic light diamond. There are different motifs that are changed in the course of the seasons: Wormholes, galactic spiral nebulae, lunar craters, etc. Visitors who sit, lie or move on the object in the dark are covered by the projected image and become part of the artwork themselves. No one will miss this opportunity for a selfie…

Kulturamt Engen

Projection system:
PHOS 85 outdoor

Thomas Meier-Löpfe (1, 3, 4)
Markus Brenner (2)
Peter Teubner (5)