Streaks of Light by Judith Albert

Streaks of Light by Judith Albert

Project Details

17. March 2021
Bildungszentrum Gesundheit
Central Switzerland
Kantonsspital 46
CH-6000 Luzern 16

Project Description

The artist Judith Albert developed the work Streiflichter (streaks of light) for the new building of the XUND, an educational centre for health in Lucerne, Switzerland. Streiflichter consists of 12 drawings that appear as traces of light in the interior of the new building. Like a line on paper, the shapes are projected onto the ceiling, walls and parapets of the architecture – and onto the people who come into contact with these streaks of light. Judith Albert drew on site at the school during various lessons. In her own way she incorporated what she had seen and heard into the drawings.

Although disembodied per se, the projections occupy the space as figures of light and evoke a personal dialogue with the place. Perhaps they streak a movement in passing and, with the same casual transience, awaken a thought or memory. Their luminous presence allows them to take root in the memory of the returning viewer and become a playful part of the personal visual everyday.
From the palm-sized projection superimposed on the image of an open book to the room-height light drawing interacting with spatial movements, the drawings question the possibilities of an image and its role in the stories of our present.

Art and Building Competition by invitation, 2015
Realisation 2019

Architecture: Metron Architektur AG. Brugg
Lighting Technology: Gery Hofer, Zurich
Photos: © Markus Kaech, Zurich

Projection Systems: Derksen PHOS 25 and PHOS 45 pole mount