Christian Messages

Christian Messages

Project Details

13. October 2016
Archbishopric of Cologne
Cologne Cathedral

Project Description

Projections around the Cologne Cathedral to the Year of the Holy Door
In 2016 the Archbishop of Cologne followed the call of the Pope to realise that world-wide Holy Year of Mercy. To this end, the Marienportal, the main entrance of the Cologne Cathedral, was solemnly opened as The Holy Door. On the way across the square, the faithful are accompanied by light projections in the evenings, which draw attention to the Holy Door in many languages. In the northern side of the cathedral visitors are received with the words “Christ sits in the refugee boat”. The light message draws attention to a special exhibit: the seven-meter-long refugee boat brought by Cardinal Woelki. On the fate of the refugees and the role of the boat informs an additional video installation.

Projection Systems:
2 x PHOS 45 outdoor
1 x PHOS 45 indoor

Technical Implementation:
RheinEnergie Köln

Markus Lück, Frank Brauer, by courtesy of Dombauhütte Köln