Shining Christmas Message

Shining Christmas Message

Project Details

15. January 2021
Ev. Christus-Kirchengemeinde Buer
Pfr. Klaus-Peter Schmidt
Am Markt 13
45892 Gelsenkirchen

Project Description

The Protestant St Paul’s Church in Gelsenkirchen-Resse was consecrated in 1916 after the parish had grown considerably due to the expansion of coal mining on the northern edge of the Ruhr area. Today, St Paul’s Church belongs to the Protestant Christ Church Parish of Gelsenkirchen-Buer.
In the Advent and Christmas season of 2020, under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Christmas message from the Gospel of Luke (chapter 2, verse 10) was presented above the entrance portal with a light projection. The projector, a PHOS 85s pole mount model from the Gelsenkirchen-based manufacturer Derksen, is mounted on the lamp post in front of the church and is switched on automatically every evening as dusk falls. The projection motif had to be keystone corrected so that the text and symbol would be displayed straight on the façade. The light projection enriches the church and the market place with its luminous message and gives comfort to the faithful in a challenging situation.

Projection system:
PHOS 85s pole mount

Markus Lück