PHOS 45 downlight

Compact LED projector with great effect

  • Output power: 40 W
  • Luminous flux of the projector: 2.390 lumens
  • Projection lens: 85 mm Standard, exchangeable
  • LED service life (L70): 35,000 hours
  • Cooling: active, with fan – 27 dBA
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 248 x 236 x 248 mm
    9.8″ x 9.3″ x 9.8″


The 40 Watt High-Power LED of PHOS 45 downlight is sufficiently cooled by a noise-optimized fan and provides extra power. The device is suitable for dry indoor environments and can be unobtrusively installed in false ceilings. Despite its compact design, the projector delivers superior brightness. PHOS 45 downlight is recommended for environments like salesrooms, service halls, trade fairs and museums. The included electronic ballast is placed in the false ceiling. The projection motif (gobo) can be changed without tools.

Image Size & Brightness

Projection Calculator PHOS 45 Series

Please note: The results shown are approximate values. In reality the results may differ slightly. The calculation applies under the following conditions:

  • The projection motif is circular and fills the image area of the gobo. Other shapes and objects, e.g. rectangles or fonts, are fitted into this maximum projection area.
  • The projection is at right angles to the projection surface.
  • The projection surface is a plane.
  • The distance is measured between lens and projection surface.


Documents for Download

Technical Specifications PHOS 45 downlight

Information for Use PHOS 25–85 downlight