Christian Messages

Projections around the Cologne Cathedral to the Year of the Holy Door
In 2016 the Archbishop of Cologne followed the call of the Pope to realise that world-wide Holy Year of Mercy. To this end, the Marienportal, the main entrance…

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Sacred Illumination

Lighting installation at an early Christian baptistery

The internationally renowned lighting artist Mischa Kubal was entrusted with the illuminaton of the Baptistery located east of Cologne Cathedral. The remains of an early Christian font are from the fifth century and…

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Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum

A Journey Through The History of Information Technology

The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn is the largest computer museum in the world. It shows with unique exhibits the development from cuneiform inscription to the Internet. The museum is dedicated to…

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Vorarlberg Museum Bregenz

Cultural history in a new outfit

In the immediate vicinity of Lake Constance, next to the Kunsthaus and National Theatre, the new Vorarlberg Museum opened on 21 June-2013. The listed building of the Cultural History Museum was extended by a…

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Koe-Bogen Dusseldorf

The Koe-Bogen connects the renowned shopping street “Koenigsallee” with the “Hofgarten” park. The even facade in pale stone and glass is broken by diagonal cuts with sculptures and planted greenery. These create on the side of the “Hofgarten” park…

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Light Signage System

The LED projector PHOS for IKEA stores

Light can communicate the necessary orientation for customers and visitors in complex buildings. Projections replace stickers, information boards or posters and integrate harmoniously in the interior concept. Using the latest LED technology, projection…

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Projecting the Pixum Logo

Pixum ( is one of Europe’s most celebrated and professional online photo services and photo book providers. The successful company uses a 60-watt LED projector from Derksen to showcase the company logo in the foyer of the new…

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For more than a hundred years the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum has presented non-European history, art and culture in North Rhine-Westphalia. As a public institution it encourages the understanding and tolerance in a society that is increasingly dominated by a multicultural…

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Ruhrlights 2010

In the rural countryside of the lower Ruhr valley that’s known for its agriculture, nature and industrial culture, the European Capital Of Culture “RUHR 2010” presents 11 internationally acclaimed light artists. From September 2010 the festivals “Ruhrlights: Twilight zone”…

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Shapes Of Light

The red dot award 2010 was presented to the Hilti design team.
From the 6th of July until the 1st of August the Hilti design team presented a special exhibition in the Red dot design museum which is situated on…

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